We, in Nesraf, are keen to ensure the provision of the best services, and in this context, we have set general definitions and terms of use to benefit from all the services we provide and to organize the various transactions with our valued customers.. Last update: January 1, 2021 AD
1. General definitions:
1.1 Nesraf: It is an electronic system for the sale of all types of products and commodities inside and outside Libya. This system works through the website Nesraf.com. The Nesraf system provides the ability to create orders electronically and then pay their value in Libyan dinars or in foreign currencies supported by the site. It also provides a service of delivery/shipping of goods, merchandise and products to homes or to any other destinations inside or outside Libya.
2.1 The customer: is the person or legal entity that made the purchase through Nesraf inside or outside Libya.
3.1 The product(s): He/she is everything that Nesraf sells, delivers, or ships inside or outside Libya, and includes any commodity, product, service or other.
4.1 The third party: The entity that provides services to both Nesraf and the customer. Among these services are the following: delivery or shipping service, electronic payment service, service of supplying goods to Nesrav, payment service through banking services or international companies, or others.
2. General terms and conditions:
1.2 Nesraf is obligated not to market, sell or advertise any products in violation of laws and legislations, Islamic Sharia or customs and norms recognized in Libyan society.
2.2 Nesraf is obligated to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the customer’s personal and financial data and other information, and is also committed not to display or sell it to any other parties.
3.2 The customer is obligated to provide correct information when ordering any Nesrav products, as he must provide Nesraf with the name, father’s name and the correct surname, as well as the correct phone number and address, and he has the right to modify his data at any time through the Nesrav system or by communicating with the work team on the site.
4.2 The customer has the right to add several addresses to deliver or ship orders to, and has the right to choose between these addresses when creating the order, and Nesraf will deliver or ship the order to the address specified by the customer.
5.2 The customer is not entitled to cause or attempt to cause any damage to any of the Nesraf team or any of the parties it cooperates with, whether such damages are material or moral.
6.2 The customer has no right to deceive, blackmail, deceive, forgery or lie on the site or any of the parties it cooperates with, and Nesref has the right to take any measures it deems appropriate in the event of such acts.
7.2 Neither the customer nor any other party has the right to resell the Nesrav products or exploit them in any way, except with a written permission issued by the Nesrav administration.
8.2 Neither the customer nor any other party has the right to use the trademark, the name or the Nesraf logo in any way whatsoever.
3. Creation/modification/cancellation and processing of orders:
1.3 Any person (or legal entity), Libyan or non-Libyan, inside or outside Libya, has the right to shop, create his own account and create all types of orders through the Nisraf system, with full compliance with all restrictions (if any) set by the Nisraf system. Such as the times of creating orders, the number and quantity of products or goods in each order, as well as the maximum and minimum value of each order and other restrictions.

2.3 The customer has the right to request the modification of the order after its creation, by communicating with the Nesraf team through the website, e-mail or by phone, and notifying them of the required modifications to the order. Provided that this is done during the processing stage and before the delivery of the order, and in all cases, it does not exceed 48 hours from the time the order was created.
3.3 The customer has the right to request cancellation of the order after its creation, by communicating with the Nesraf team through the website, e-mail or by phone, and notifying them of his desire to cancel the order, provided that this is done before paying the order value for orders issued outside Libya or by agreement for internal orders.
4.3 Nesrav has the right to accept or reject any order, provided that the customer is notified of the cancellation process before he pays the cost of the order, and in the event that the payment is made, Nesrav site will return the full costs to the customer, unless there are any other costs or fees owed to the customer.
5.3 Nesraf is obligated to ensure the validity of the products when preparing the order, and the customer has the right to demand that they be changed or returned in the event that they are expired or damaged as a result of the delivery or shipping process.
6.3 Nesraf is obligated to prepare all orders as soon as possible, which may vary from one order to another according to the availability of the required products at the site or the third party (suppliers), as well as according to the security conditions that exist at the time of creating and processing the order.
7.3 Nesraf is obligated to notify or show the status of the order from its creation to its receipt, provided that this is done through the customer’s account at the warehouse site or via the customer’s email or other means of communication.
4. Shipping/Delivery of Orders:
1.4 Nesraf or the third party (responsible for the delivery of orders) is obligated to deliver the orders at the specified time and place as much as possible (according to the schedule of regions and the time and cost of delivery for each region), taking into account the possibility of delay or change in the place of delivery, according to the security situation or other From other circumstances that may occur upon delivery of the order.
2.4 Nesraf is obligated to deliver the order to the customer himself or his representative, provided that the customer checks all the required products at the time of delivery and sign to receive them. In the event that there is an error from the Nesraf website.
3.4 Nesraf platform has the right to deliver part of the order to the customer, provided that there is a prior agreement between him and the customer, and that this agreement includes how to pay the invoice value and the delivery/shipping cost.
4.4 The customer has the right to receive his order himself from Nesrav, provided that he attends to the place determined by Nesrav’s website to receive his order, and in this case no delivery or shipping costs will be calculated.
5. Financial policies, selling prepaid cards, shopping cards and payment methods:
1.5 Nesraf is obligated to display all product prices in Libyan dinars as well as in US dollars or others, provided that he provides the customer with the possibility of exchanging between the available currencies. He is also obligated to provide the possibility of displaying the exchange value of foreign currencies against the Libyan dinar in the stages of preparing the order and before the order is created by the Nesraf system.
2.5 Nesraf system is committed as much as possible to update the prices of products and the exchange of foreign currencies and others, and has the right to change them at any time even after the order is created by the customer, provided that Nesraf informs the customer of this change.
3.5 The Nesrav system is committed to setting the exchange rate of the dollar or other currencies, according to the daily prices in the parallel market, and the Nesrav system will depend on two documented sources (average value) in determining the price, with the addition of a specific value to cover the costs of transferring to Libya as well as to cover the difference in the exchange rate from day to day .

4.5 The customer is obligated to pay the invoice value and the cost of processing, delivery, shipping or other costs related to the order in full, according to the payment methods provided by the Nisraf system, provided that this is done before or upon delivery of the order if the order was made from inside Libya, but if it was The order from outside Libya must be paid when the order is created and the payment must be in dollars or other currencies provided by the Nesraf system, and these costs include: the cost of the order itself, the cost of processing, delivery / shipping and any additional costs related to the order.
5.5 The Nesraf system is committed to ensuring that the numbers or codes of prepaid cards of all kinds are sent correctly to the customer, as the Nesraf system performs this process automatically to avoid any kind of errors, and the Nesrav system saves the card numbers or codes on user accounts in the Nesrav system to facilitate Access them at any time, and also send copies of them to their e-mail. The Nesraf system does not bear any responsibility for the loss, loss or theft of these numbers or codes from the customer except through his account with Nesrav or via his e-mail, with the customer retaining the right to review the validity of the card numbers or codes if he so desires, within a period not exceeding 48 One hour from the moment the order is paid.
6.5 The Nesrav system has the right to use marketing offers and discount codes (coupons) for all customers or for a specific category of them only, and it is also entitled to activate, stop and change the expiry dates of marketing offers and coupons or extend them at any time, with the customer retaining the right to benefit from these offers if they comply with the restrictions imposed by the Nesraf system, unless otherwise notified.
7.5 The customer has the right to purchase the Nisraf system’s shopping cards in accordance with the criteria set by the Nisraf system, which is to specify the minimum and maximum value of the card, the type of currency used for purchase, the method of calculating currency rates, how to send them to the customer, and others. The Nesrav system is committed as much as possible to show the details of the criteria it uses.
8.5 The Nesraf system saves the value of the shopping cards in Libyan dinars only, whether they were purchased in the Libyan currency (the dinar) or other currencies supported by Nesraf. Exchange the moment the order is created. The customer can later use his shopping card in dinars or any other currency, as the Nisraf system will re-convert it to the currency used by the customer, according to the exchange rate at the moment of completing the purchase process.
9.5 The customer is not entitled to resell the shopping cards except after obtaining prior permission from the Nisraf administration, while he has the right to gift them or give them to whomever he wishes.
10.5 Once the Shopping Cards have been purchased and received by the Customer, he alone (ie the Customer) is officially responsible for its confidentiality and must not publish or share it with anyone. Nesrav shall not bear any responsibility that may result from its theft or misuse, and in this regard Nesraf is obligated to retain information related to how the shopping cards are used in purchases, and Nesraf reserves the right to disclose this information to the customer in the event of a claim, or in the event of a legal dispute and claim The authorities concerned with this information.
11.5 The customer has the right to return the value of the shopping cards after purchasing them (or the rest of their value) after deducting 15% of the available value that can be carried out shopping operations, and Nesrav has the right to determine the payment method that he will use when returning the value to the customer.
6. Legal Disputes:
1.6 In the event of any disputes between Nesrav and customers or any other parties, the Libyan courts are the only ones with jurisdiction to consider these disputes, and all parties must abide by the provisions issued in accordance with Libyan law.
7. Modification of the Terms of Use:
1.7 Nesrav website has the right to amend or update its terms of use without referring to customers, and it remains for it to notify its customers of this modification or update through its website or through any other means, with its obligation to publish the date of the last update.

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